After the long process of buying a home, applying for mortgages, and ensuring all documents in between, closing a deal is certainly a time to celebrate. In closing deals in real estate and mortgage transactions, there’ll be a lot of people in the room discussing and passing documents to sign. And the person who makes sure that all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed – to avoid making a thousand-dollar mistake – is the trustworthy Real Estate Notary Signing Agents.

What is a Notary Signing Agent

In essence, Notary Signing Agents (or NSAs) can work with real estate companies and mortgage providers by inspecting documents in closing deals to verify the identity of the signers. They closely review the documents the signer provides, and officially witness to the whole closing procedure.

An NSA’s signature assures the parties involved in the transaction that no fraud or duress is found in the documents, and in the course of the transaction of transferring the title from the seller to the buyer. These legal documents won’t be accepted without an NSA’s signature and stamp. A missing signature can simply be fixed later, but a missing notary signing agent’s seal would need for the closing deal to be reconvened. This is especially crucial when deals are on time crunch. Missed deadlines and deals could potentially mean thousand-dollar worth of losses in transactions.

Notaries must be trustworthy. They are impartial and cannot have any personal interest in the transaction neither to the parties involved. In order to ensure this standard, they undergo a process to become one coming from being a notary public. In closing procedures, they are chosen randomly from a qualified pool to ensure impartiality.

Be a Real Estate Notary Signing Agent

Notary Signing Agents (NSAs) work with real estate and mortgage businesses by providing them their closing services needs. They usually begin their careers as notary publics. A person needs to complete a training course and submit an application to the state to become a notary public. Specific processes vary from state to state, so you’ll need to do a bit of research first. There’ll be a thorough background check to verify identity and review criminal records.

If you’re already a notary public, you’ll need to achieve an additional certification through the National Notary Association. This certifies that you completed the proper training and met the qualifications that work with most lenders.

Their Important Role in Closing Processes

Simply put, Notary Signing Agents lowers the risk in real estate transactions like buying and selling houses, granting mortgages, handling debts, and a lot more. This puts protection not only to companies, but also to the individual buyers and families involved in the transaction. Here are the reasons why their role is important in closing processes.

1. They verify signers

NSAs verify the identity of the signers before signing any legal documents. In order to do this, they require and review official identification. However, this process may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction or from state to state. In some states, photo identification cards such as driver’s license would do. While in some, an official oath taking, in which the NSA could facilitate, must take in place before the signing.

2. They witness signing and notarize signatures

The Real Estate Notary Signing Agent will make sure that parties involved will sign all the required documents properly at closing. With this, NSAs have the task to make sure that signatures fall on the right places in the forms.

3. They protect the rights of signers by educating them

NSAs are there also to protect all the parties involved in the transaction. Not only in the terms of their resources and time, but also to protect their rights to make sure that they are not signing under duress. Real estate NSAs are highly capable of handling loan documents and educating the signers about its content.

4. They deliver closing documents

After all the signing, it’s now up to the NSAs to handle the signed and notarized loan documents. They’re now responsible for delivering these documents to the appropriate parties for official recording and the proper disbursement of funds. NSAs to this in a careful and efficient manner, making no room for wasted time and mistakes along the way.


You see now the important role the humble notary signing agent plays in real estate and mortgage closing procedures. We know and value the long journey our clients take in their real estate transactions.

This is why TRUE Notary provides only the best and most reliable services, whether in homes, offices, or other agreed locations in the country. TRUE Notary gives credible and valuable services that would cater to the notarial needs of every home buyer and home seller every day.