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Documentary requirements are inherent for many (if not all) real estate and mortgage deals. There’s a lot of forms to fill-up and documents to sign in the process to fulfill a transaction. To bind the required documents legal, complete signatures of parties involved, witnesses and a notary should all be present. A notarial stamp will seal the document to completion.

This is where TRUE Notary can help and assist you with. We’ll carry for you all your document closing needs, may it be completing signatures, providing witnesses and/or notarial. All you have to do is submit your requests to us and we’ll do the rest for you.

With TRUE Notary, you’ll have more time to convert and sign clients as we accomplish for you the tedious tasks of document closing. We’ll act as if you have an in-house team that processes your papers. Have the peace of mind that everything is fully done with no hassle on your end. We’ll deliver your request at your doorstep completely and ahead of time. No worries, no waiting, only TRUE service.

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TRUE Notary for Real Estate
and Mortgage Closings

Executing documents to completion can be anticlimactic as you anticipate the realization of your dream home or mortgage approval. That’s why TRUE Notary is here!

We provide closing services for first and second mortgages, loan closing, power of attorney, escrow agreements and other real estate and mortgage needs.

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The TRUE Notary Advantage

We’re your trusted partner to make the waiting more exciting. Well, truth be told, we won’t keep you waiting because we act fast on your request and responsibly coordinate with our notaries nearest you. You can depend on us in making sure we got your requests confidential and completed ahead of time.

Every request we receive is our priority. How? Because we have a wide network of notaries across the country. We’re trustworthy, dependable and legitimate. We’ve already served a number of clients and processed hundreds of requests in our 3 young years in the industry. We’re experienced. We’re dynamic. Count on us!

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