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About TRUE Notary

TRUE Notary was born out of the vision of its owners and stakeholders to provide trustworthy and dependable notarial services to companies and individuals who need it. We believe that a simple document closing done in honesty, truthfulness and transparency is indicative of a just and law-abiding society.

TRUE Notary was established in North Carolina in 2019 and has since provided professional document closing and notarial services to the public. We are currently working with various title and mortgage companies and a part of different associations within the industry.

TRUE Notary is covered under $1 million E&O Omissions insurance. We have hundreds of notaries nationwide with at least $25,000 E&O Omissions insurance and are available for short notices of document closing.

Our commitment is to reach and serve the public as we continue to grow our partnerships and expand our presence across the United States. Our goal is to have TRUE Notary with you whenever you will need us.

We aspire to be the leading closing service provider in the US. We aim to grow a large network of capable notaries through continuing education and training. And lastly, we work towards building a satisfied and loyal client base.

So, ​if you are not too sure about your legal documents that require notarization, please feel free to contact us. Get peace of mind signing your documents with us. Moreso, while we can’t provide legal consultation, we can point you in the right directions to receive the assistance you need.


A society where honesty, transparency and truthfulness thrive by means of executing legal and lawful documents on dealings and transactions.


Provide closing services for both the public and private sectors in an affordable, timely and convenient manner.

Core Values


We value the trust our clients give us with probably the most important documents of their lives. That’s why we return the favor and work honestly to provide them top-notch and caring service. We are truthful with our service and stand by our commitment because we know that in the documents we process lie the goals and dreams of our clients.


Accomplishing legal documents requires being thorough and timely at all costs. Those are the very reasons why clients seek our services because they know that they can rely on us to achieve their goals and deadlines. We work hard to be dependable at all times. How? We set and follow our procedures, we come on appointments on time, we make sure we’ve everything complete. And lastly, we are courteous in our dealings.


Our namesake expresses who we truly are. No pretensions and false promises, just pure, honest service to our clients, partners and networks. We are who we say we are. We do what we say we do. We walk the talk. By being true we know we can serve best.