Kudos for landing your first loan signing! How do you proceed? What are the things you need to prepare for? How to not mess this up? It’s natural to be nervous on your first loan signing, but lucky for you, we’re here to guide you.

Loan Signing Objective

First things first, let’s review what your goal is when it comes to loan signing. For loan signing, you’re witnessing signatures as well as walking the borrower through the loan signing process. With this, you’re expected to know exactly where the borrower needs to sign, and the essential details on these loan documents. It’s important to be prepared for there’s roughly 150 pages in a standard set of loan documents where signatures, dates, initials are needed in appropriate locations.

Getting this done smoothly and accurately is crucial when a borrower’s closing a deal. Worst case scenario? The borrower might miss out on the loan for their car or home altogether.

But don’t fret, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you prepare for your first loan signing!

4 Steps to Prepare for Your First Loan Signing

  1. Confirm the signing appointment

You’ve finally got the call for your very first signing assignment. Basic details including time and date are usually indicated in assignment signing, otherwise, you will directly reach out to the signer if the responsibility requires it.

Before confirming an appointment, make sure you got the checklist which includes required documentation that you would be reminding the signer to bring into your appointment.

Now everything’s set. Tracing the exact signing location shall include consideration of the traffic among other travel’s hustles and bustles. Dropping a pin in your exact location through any navigation software apps is way more convenient than leaving a bad impression on your first cruise.

Typical signings usually take 45-60 minutes but it’s safe to give it around two hours to avoid the pressure.

  1. Review all the instructions you were sent

Just when you thought that everything is all set and ready to go, you missed a single detailed step; like printing an official document in inappropriate font type or wrong paper dimensions, or missing out an important attachment.

Following instructions may be overrated but it’s the most overlooked step by new agents that still creates unnecessary hassle.

Thoroughly review and strictly follow the instructions provided, or you’ll find yourself waiting in vain for your next signing assignment.

  1. Prepare the loan documents

Almost the same with the previous point, pay attention to the details. Loan documents are usually printed on most popular formats of legal and letter sizes of paper. New signing agents tend to overlook attachments sent to them. Make sure no documents attached that needed to be printed would be left behind.

Flip through the documents for any smears and smudges, more importantly, it will familiarize you with the document format on where the signatures, initials and dates are located.

Never highlight anything in the loan document, instead, use arrow tags to mark pages and not miss any signatures or initials.

  1. Confirm the basic information

Finalize the borrower’s information, and the conduct of the signing by contacting the signer. Avoid unnecessary delays by double checking the signer’s basic details on the documents, and pertinent things to bring on the appointment, including a valid ID.

Take these simple steps for a perfect breakthrough of your signing assignment.

Some more helpful tips on your first signing job

Practice how you’ll introduce yourself

Introduce yourself in a way that the signer would be convinced that you have full knowledge of what you are doing. How you’ll be able to explain vividly what would happen in the signing process will definitely earn your client’s trust.

Dress professionally and comfortably

Appearance matters as it’s one of the most important attributes that builds first impressions. Moreover, dressing appropriately and comfortably boosts your confidence.

Prepare a cheat sheet

A “Cheat Sheet” that you would hand out to the signer will serve as the guide during the signing of the loan documents. It should contain the name of the borrower spelled exactly as it must be signed, the initials and the correct date. Ask the signer to keep the sheet in front of them during the actual signing. This’ll avoid repetitive queries from the signer each time it’s required.


Loan signing is undeniably an effective income stream that does not require a level of skill and with almost zero experience. For just only about an hour and a single signing, you could make $75-$200. It’s a flexible side-hustle that gives you multiple streams of income and you as your own boss.

Come prepared on your loan signing and you’ll surely get through your first job smoothly. The succeeding ones would definitely be better as you gain more experiences. The next time you know, is that clients are already piling to acquire your services.

And to make things even better, choose TRUE Notary as your closing partner and together we’ll reap the trust of satisfied clients.

So, good luck on your first signing job!