Sealing real estate deals, such as home buying, refinancing and HELOC require paper trails between the client and the realtor and/or the mortgage broker or lender. There’ll be quite a number of steps ahead to satisfy documentary requirements, so you better get prepared. You should ensure that your transaction is valid and authentic with the needed documents processed and signed by all parties involved and notarized by a notary public.

Here’s where notary signing agents (NSAs) come in, they provide signing services that include obtaining necessary signatures and verifying identity of those involved in a transaction. They will walk the signer through the loan signing processDocuments in this process usually consist of 100 to 150 pages, and mind you those are a lot to keep track of. But NSAs trained eye and expertise will make sure that no errors, irregularities and anomalies will take place. Real estate loan documents, such as mortgages and transfer signings are among those transactions that NSAs specialize in.

Why is a Signing Service Important in Real Estate and Mortgage Transactions?

Here are the 5 reasons why the signing services of notary signing agents are essential in real estate and mortgage.

1. They can give advice and recommendations regarding your documents

You can consult a notary signing agent regarding your documents before signing any of them, even before the closing transactions come. By consulting them, you’ll benefit from the advice of a real estate law professional. This is especially applicable in the absence of a realtor.

This could save buyers from unclear clauses in agreements in mortgage loans, empower signers to modify terms and by simply consulting them, the buyers will fully know what they’re legally committing to.

2. They validate and ensure authenticity

Signing agents also verify the identity of the signers and parties involved in the transaction. They require official identification such as a driver’s license or a national insurance number. The requirements vary from state to state, because in some areas, signers might need to take a verbal or written oath, swearing that they’re the person they say they are.

After the identities are verified, they’ll then provide all the documents that need to be signed, including forms to fill up. For the signing agents, they’ll also sign the documents and stamp them using an official notary seal.

The act of sealing, signing and writing down the commission information in each document is the process called “notarization”. This is the key element in the transaction as this proves that the transaction is valid and recognized by the state.

3. They can help you save money

Part of their signing service is to examine the legal documents attached to the real estate property. This includes documents such as co-ownership declarations, easement and mortgage deeds, payments of property taxes and insurance coverage. This will prevent the buyer from having to cover any taxes left unpaid by the seller.

Also by preventing errors in the transactions, they’re helping the buyers save money and resources. Through their closing services, transactions will run smoothly avoiding penalties, missed deadlines and missed opportunities.

4. They protect you and your property

According to the National Notary Association, the willingness of any person to sign any type of document without being under stress or intimidation from a third party is crucial. Having a signing service in real estate and mortgage transactions protect the rights of the parties involved and even of the property itself.

By educating them of the terms and clauses in the documents, signers will fully understand their rights and responsibilities prior to the closing procedure. They’ll also point out the buyer’s responsibilities to the mortgage lender and will also guide them through the financial aspects of the transaction.

As the notary signing agents prepare and examine the documents involved in the property and in the transaction, their trained eye is also in the look out for irregularities and anomalies. This step guarantees that the property and/or the transaction is valid.

5. They deliver closing documents

Finally, it’s the notary signing agent’s duty to fill in documents and mailing them to appropriate parties for disbursement of funds and official recording. At this point, parties involved can rest assured that the transaction is complete. They could now proceed with moving into their new house or getting funds from the sale of their property. Either way, it’s finally the time to celebrate a successful journey.

Bottomline: Signing services protect you

The primary goal of signing services is to protect the parties involved in the transaction and a notary signing agent is your ally in executing real estate and mortgage transactions. They make sure that throughout the process, all the steps taken are valid and free from fraud and duress. And because of their critical role in real estate and mortgages, their impartiality and credibility is a must.

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